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The Greek War of Independence is a period in history veiled in mystery. We think we know so much about it from our school years, but there are so many elements that remain unknown on this complicated and exciting time that led to the formation of the Greek state. The 200th anniversary is the ideal opportunity to revisit that period. Society and historical research have evolved and 200 years have gained us the wisdom to talk about the War of Independence with the respect and admiration it deserves, beyond blinding bias.


We have chosen to focus on the area of the Peloponnese, at least for the first phase of the project. 


The application takes up the role of the narrator, through a series of audio clips, focusing on 48 important points of interest. Those points will not just cover the battles, but also political and social events. 


There are two available ways of using the app. The first one could be from anywhere in the world, as an educational tool . The second way will be on location, using the technology of geofencing (geofencing remains to be activated with the following app upgrade). The audio clips are written by our consultants, read by professional actors and supported by visual and educational material. 


Diadromes was conceived by Christina Katsiadakis and Effie Skrobola as on of the projects of their newly found production company, Mitos Productions. We realized from the beginning that it would be crucial to put the right team together. We needed the perfect combination of expertise and contemprary viewpoint. We are very proud to have put together a team that brings together a new generation of historians, one of the top application designers in Greece and an emerging production company that wants to make its mark in the world of digital media. 


The application and all its content is available to all users for free. 

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